Chakraas Jewels Now Selling Online

Chakraas Jewels Rose Quartz Set

Chakraas worked with an artist in Instanbul to design this beautiful rose quartz set

This is so exciting!

For those of you who have experienced watching your vision come to life, you can relate to what an amazing experience it is.  In some ways, it is almost surreal.

We have been working hard on re-launching the Chakraas website as a fully functioning e-commerce site.  I didn’t just want an e-store, I wanted to create the Chakraas experience. From the moment you click into our site, I wanted the passion we have for fine jewellery to shine through.

Up until now, all of our online sales have been through social media contacts and word of mouth. For the most part, our marketing was through small, private parties and by special appointment. However, more and more, I was getting requests from customers who had heard about us through friends and family, or had seen one of our bespoke pieces on a customer at a party, to sell online so that they too could have access to Chakraas.  At this point, we started doing a lot more sales through e-mail exchanges and Facebook and Instagram contacts.

As great as social media is, it is not always the most efficient method of conducting business. However, I didn’t just want to set up a shop on the Internet, I wanted my shop to reflect Chakraas’ philosophy and showcase the way in which each one of our jewels is handpicked with careful attention to detail. From the quality craftsmanship to the cut and clarity of the stones, nothing is overlooked.

I love stones! Many times I will see a magnificent stone and then work with the artist to create a piece of jewellery that will highlight that stone. On a recent trip to Istanbul, I saw these beautiful rose quartz stones. They were perfectly fauceted in a teardrop shape…large and magnificent! And the colour was this deep, rich pink. I worked with the artist and together we designed a beautiful set (above).  Still one of my favourite designs.

Besides Istanbul, a city I just love to visit, I travel all over the world meeting with local artists and jewellery makers. I love meeting artists who create with passion. That passion shines through in the items they create and I sincerely enjoy supporting local artists. This also means, we rarely carry more than one or two pieces of any item. Chakraas jewels are truly bespoke.

So get out your favourite teacup and saucer, brew a pot of chai, sit back and enjoy the Chakraas experience.

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