Victoria and Patrick.

5945Victoria BC Harbor

As March 17th rolled around off we set to visit our provincial capital on a lovely Sunday morning. Got the children up and bathed and into the car by 8am – that is a marathon in itself! But the luck of the Irish was with us, we were the second to last car on the ferry!

After weeks of wet weather, we were gifted with beautiful sunshine. Arriving in downtown Victoria just before the noon hour, we dropped our bags at the hotel and set off to explore the city on foot and stroller.

Was it the sunny weather or are the people of Victoria always so friendly? Strolling through the streets of downtown Victoria, we stopped and chatted to passersby, people played peek-a-boo with our 7 month old, while the man at the bookstore went out of his way to get my 3 year old son “a blue bookmark” (no other colour would do) – it was just a lovely outing.

For dinner we were planning on going to the world famous Re-Bar vegetarian restaurant. I had been wanting to try it for years – had even made recipes from their cookbook on several occasions, always to the delight of the diners. For lunch, I decided to surprise my husband with a trip to a little Fish and Chip place on Victoria Harbour. My husband, a born and bred Brit, is forever complaining about the lack of quality fish and chips (England’s major contribution to world cuisine, as he puts it) available in Vancouver. A recent episode of Eat Street on the Food Network featured this little place called Red Fish Blue Fish in Victoria, locals love it and the fish is apparently the best this side of the Atlantic. So I knew that I had to take my husband there.

As we expected, there was a long lineup, which usually indicates phenomenal food – or slow service! This, it turns out, was most definitely the former and as the aroma of freshly cooked deliciousness wafted through the air, we grilled the friendly regulars on the ‘you got to try this’ items on the menu (just about all of them, as it happens!). Even our 3 year old seemed to sense this was worth waiting for and waited as patiently as he could. He was of course, quite literally climbing the walls, but he wasn’t going to miss out!

Tummies full of a variety of tacones and chips off we set to visit the famous Munro Books, check out Kaboodles for a jigsaw puzzle or two and pick up a nice cup of tea before heading back to the hotel to put the children down for a nap before our long awaited dinner.

As we stood waiting for our table at Re-Bar, we again were chatting to the locals. My turquoise and diamond ring was spied by one of the women and we got into the pleasures of jewels. There is something about jewels that always turns into a conversation about faraway, exotic places – it was almost a shame to be shown to our table! No sooner had we been seated for dinner than the fire alarm sounded…. Ugh. Did we really have to leave? We had just settled the kids into their seats! As I got up to get our jackets, the two ladies and gentleman we had met in the foyer came over to offer us a hand in getting the children out safely. Such thoughtfulness! As it happens, the alarm was pulled by a few over zealous St Patrick’s night revelers and we were able to settle back into our seats. Dinner was fabulous!

Tomorrow: afternoon tea at The Empress.

How lovely is Victoria and Her people?

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  1. Dee says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I must say I feel hungry after all this talk of food 🙂

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